Customized Treatment Plans:

    • Based on the inspection results, experts create personalized treatment plans.
    • Treatment options vary, but some common ones include:
      • Liquid Treatments: These create a protective barrier around your home’s foundation to prevent termites.
      • Foam Treatments: Expands into voids within walls and other critical areas.
      • Bait Stations: Used to attract and eliminate termites.

Application and Prevention:

        • Exterminators apply the chosen treatment method.
        • They seal gaps, cracks, and vulnerable areas to prevent future infestations.
        • Regular monitoring ensures ongoing protection.

Professional Guarantee:

    • Reputable companies offer guarantees.
    • These may include a 30-day money-back guarantee, free return visits, or full refunds.

Remember, early intervention and preventive measures are essential to keep your home termite-free!

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