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The Termite Inspection: What To Expect

A termite inspection, or technically known as a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) report, is a thorough inspection performed by a pest control specialist. This inspection carefully notes internal and external structure inspections for any sort of insects, pests, or organisms capable of destroying wood structures of a home.

Common areas to inspect for a thorough report are the entire exterior of a structure, as well as rafters, eaves, and roof structures. Termite inspectors will also require access to internal rooms of a home including bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, garages, and basements.

Attics or any type of substructure (crawlspace, root cellar, basement, etc.) will also need to be thoroughly inspected for damage from wood destroying insects. During the inspection, termite inspectors will be looking for any areas of beetle damage, beetles, termites, excessive moisture, or any damage occurring as a result of wood destroying insects.

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