Advance Termite System

Among the array of termite control solutions available today, the Advance Termite System stands out as a highly favored option. This innovative product employs a bait control method strategically positioned around your home’s perimeter, without causing any disruption to the property itself. Unlike some alternatives that may require landscaping disturbance or drilling into your home’s slab base, the Advance Termite System eliminates such inconveniences.

The bait utilized in this system is securely placed and locked within stations, inaccessible to unintended guests, ensuring safety around children and pets. Tailored to intercept termites before they can infiltrate your home and wreak havoc on its wooden structures, this specialized bait serves as an effective preventative measure.

What sets the Advance Termite System apart is its capability to eradicate entire termite colonies. Unlike chemical treatments that only target portions of a colony, this system ensures comprehensive elimination, eliminating the risk of continued damage and infestation. By addressing the entire colony, homeowners gain peace of mind knowing that future problems are mitigated.

Utilizing cutting-edge termite bait technology, the Advance Termite System employs a dual-stage process designed to mimic termite feeding behaviors with minimal disturbance. Additionally, it offers a unique secondary food source preferred by termites over typical wooden materials found in homes and other baiting systems.

In a baiting system, providing ample food to divert termites from wooden structures is crucial. The Advance Termite System boasts a large containerized bait load, facilitating maximum feeding to the colony within a shorter timeframe, expediting colony elimination and ensuring superior peace of mind.

Moreover, the robust construction of the baiting stations minimizes the risk of tampering or damage from external factors such as lawn mowers, children, and pets. As one of the least invasive termite control options available, the Advance Termite System has demonstrated its ability to effectively eliminate entire termite colonies, safeguarding your valuable home.

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